Apollo 11 LM Lunar Surface Checklist


This Apollo 11 LM Lunar Surface Checklist is a single sheet approximately 5.5x8 inches, being SUR-50 and SUR-51 of the Post EVA section of the checklist. After Armstrong and Aldrin completed the first lunar surface excursion, they climbed back into and configured the LM for the Post EVA operations. This included a short rest period. Upon sending the LM crew a wake up call at about 120 hours and 40 minutes into the flight, Mission Control read up the first of several updates for this checklist. Aldrin recorded that update of: "122:15 Do P-22 PGNS 20 @ G N Dict," meaning at 122 hours, 15 minutes into the flight, do a Program 22 as per the PGNS (Primary Guidance and Navigation Section) page 20 in the Guidance and Navigation Dictionary. This was in conjunction with the steps listed on SUR-50, which included steps to obtain star sightings for the proper alignment of the navigation platform. Steps on SUR-51 included Rendezvous Radar (RR) checks which Aldrin recorded as being done with the LM computer at "119:59:5992." These steps included RR MODE -- SLEW, AUTO TRACK, and TEST/MONITOR.

This checklist was an integral part of mans first exploration of the surface of the moon but what makes it even more special is the fact that it was actually used and annotated by Buzz Aldrin whilst inside the lunar module on the Sea of Tranquillity. It is my thrill to have it in my collection.

Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Checklist

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